NYC Drinks Guru: ‘Drink and Eastern Standard Are Beacons of Excellence in the World’

Jim Meehan, Eastern Standard fan.
Jim Meehan, Eastern Standard fan. Photo: Melissa Hom

New York bartender Jim Meehan, the cappuccino-lovin’ mastermind behind speakeasy PDT (Please Don’t Tell), comes to Boston for an invite-only reception at The Hawthorne to promote the release of The PDT Cocktail Book. Lucky for him, Boston has some prime drinking destinations.

In an interview with the Globe, he points to Kenmore Square’s Eastern Standard and Fort Point’s Drink as “beacons of excellence in the world.” He also claims to “love” Boston’s cocktail culture, even though we’re smaller than Los Angeles and New York. (Let’s not forget that we were named America’s drunkest city not long ago!)

And as for his pioneering speakeasy, well, don’t show up in New York and expect to find Diddy popping champagne there any time soon. Says Meehan: “… some bars court celebrities, some athletes, some beautiful girls. … There are bars that have their ideal audience. I think our bar has always celebrated chefs and bartenders and taken care of our own.” He’ll be at the Hawthorne on February 13.

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