DOH Grades Mapped: Now You Can See Exactly Which Restaurants Have Mice [Updated]


Well this is fun: The Times put together a DOH restaurant letter-grade map. Even better, there are all sorts of great ways to sort it. Want to see all the restaurants that have “evidence of rodents”? Just click and your wish is the map’s command. You can also see all of the restaurants that have A’s, B’s, C’s, or the dreaded “Not Yet Graded.” Oh, speaking of restaurants with that last classification, the map points out that Per Se got slapped with 41 violation points during its last inspection and is currently awaiting a reinspection. Another restaurant with a surprisingly terrible score: Loi, the UWS Greek spot run by Maria Loi, the “Greek Martha Stewart.” It got hit with 86 points (!) for a whole host of violations, over which the real Martha Stewart would probably kill somebody: evidence of mice, unwashed surfaces, food not protected from potential contamination, etc. How do you say gross in Greek? [NYT]

Update: Per Se’s reps says the DOH’s website hasn’t been updated.