Newly Proposed Rules Could Limit Outreach to the City’s Homeless and Hungry; FDA: No More Fungicide in Orange Juice

• Critics charges that new rules proposed by the city’s Board of Health for feeding the city’s downtrodden and hungry in the outdoors are really a ploy to rid the Benjamin Franklin Parkway of the homeless. [Inquirer]

• Oops! Barack Obama apparently stopped by a San Francisco Chinese restaurant that is among the handful of places in the U.S. still serving shark-fin soup. (For the record, the President ordered dumplings and steamed buns.) [SF Chron]

• Gordon Ramsay is “disappointed” that the owner of Laurier Gordon Ramsay restaurant in Montreal is going to remove Gordo’s name from the restaurant. Ramsay had served as a consultant. [Daily Mail UK]

• Quelle fromage! Bruce Palling heads to London and buys cheese with Alain Ducasse. [WSJ]

• Time to switch to fresh-squeezed: The FDA “won’t allow more fungicide in orange juice.” But why were they even considering it in the first place? [Reuters]

• Sam Sifton is talking apple pie — just the thing to brighten a winter day — in the Times. [NYT]