Watch Nancy Silverton Recall Mozza’s Pie-Eyed Inspiration

SilvertonPhoto: Serious Eats via You Tube

We can’t imagine how many times Nancy Silverton gets asked what her favorite pizza places in the world are and what inspired Mozza. Fortunately, Serious Eats does everyone the favor of committing Silverton’s answer to posterity in a new series of videos that finds the chef answering various questions from fans. In response to a dude named Lance, who’s obsessed with Silverton’s crust, Nancy shouts out Chris Bianco’s Phoenix-based pie as “the best she’s ever had,” then points the way to a bakery in Rome for the other charred crust inspiration behind Mozza’s own pie. The clip comes complete with bread and pizza porn, while Silverton skips the whole part of the answer where she was supposed to tell us which other L.A. pizza places besides Mozza top her charts. Instead, the master-baker relays just how easy it was to invent Mozza’s pizza as a natural extension of her own bread-making. Take a look to let Silverton explain it all.

Video: Ask Nancy Silverton, Part I [Serious Eats]