Mr. Chow Against Philippe Chow [Updated]

Both win.
Both win. Photo: Patrick McMullen

The relationship between Philippe Chow restaurants and Mr. Chow restaurants has confused many a jet-setter, but fret no more, well-dressed dumplings. The U.S. District Court in Miami has found Philippe Chow restaurants “guilty of false advertising and unfair competition by deceptive conduct.” In other words, they can’t rip off the one and only Mr. Chow — of London, Beverly Hills, New York, Las Vegas, and Miami Beach — anymore. Mr. Chow will now receive $1 million in damages, a whole lotta MSG. [HuffPo]
Update: A Philippe Chow rep tells Grub Street that in the Chow vs. Chow trial, “Philippe Chow Wins 15 Out of 16 Counts, Including Trademark Infringement, Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices and Misappropriation of Trade Secrets.” Thus, Mr. Chow only won on one count.