Midtown Lunch Recalls Its 21 Favorite L.A. Lunches

Gish Bac's mole negro
Gish Bac's mole negro Photo: Midtown Lunch

Zach Brooks is already marking two years since he moved to L.A. and brought his valuable Midtown Lunch blog to out coast. Today the blogger recounts his first meal at Spicy Thai, a lunch that “made me realize how little I was going to miss about lunching in New York.” To commemorate his cotton anniversary, Midtown Lunch offers 21 awesome lunches that Brooks feels could convert the reluctant out-of-towner, including such local marvels as the osh stew at Attari, the burger at Umami, Gish Bac’s mole, the biryani at Zam Zam, and the many places that make us a fantastic “chicken town.” Take a look and start lunchin’. [ML]