Mexicali Tacos & Co. Opening Storefront on February 15th

The Mexicali team
The Mexicali team Photo: L.A. Taco

There have been plenty of rumbles of Mexicali Tacos & Co. opening its own brick and mortar taqueria after closing down its not-so-legal parking lot operation at First and Beaudry last fall. Today, an invitation to a friends and family launch confirms that the Baja-bred taco crew, owners Esdras Ochoa and Javier Fregoso, have teamed up with a new partner to open a more stable location of Mexicali in Downtown, within a mile of its former home. The grand-opening is slated for February 15th, with a public debut to follow shortly thereafter. Last year Mexicali won the hearts and minds of Taco Town, with previously rare species of the staple like tacos vampiros and cachetadas, cooked with superior meats chopped on a tree stump. Truly an exciting development for Downtown and all local Mexican food aficionados.

Mexicali Tacos & Co. 702 N. Figueroa St. Downtown. 213-613-0416.