The McRib Has Gone All Euro

Meet the McRibster.
Meet the McRibster. Photo: McDonald's Austria

Everyone has their own feelings about the McRib, that sauce-slathered, molded-pork sandwich that rolls into McDonald’s every couple of months. (Grub Street’s feeling: It’s sorta gross, no matter how fleeting its availability.) Well now the Golden Arches is hoping to take the phenomenon abroad. Burger Business reports that McDonald’s Austria today introduced its own limited-time-only pork sandwich: The McRibster Burger. But, like every college kid who’s run off for a semester abroad, only to awkwardly try and shirk their Americanness in hopes of effectively co-opting the continental lifestyle, this McRib bears little resemblance to the version that lives here in the U.S. of A. It’s a fried pork patty with pepper-jack cheese, bacon, chili sauce, and honey-mustard sauce. McShnitzel might be a better name for it, but the fast-food giant does deserve credit for having the balls to finish the deep-fried-pork sandwich with bacon. [Burger Business]