Grr! Pit Bull Owners Unleash Fury on McDonald’s

Pit bulls v. McNuggets: Which would you rather?
Pit bulls v. McNuggets: Which would you rather? Photo: Facebook/Pit Bulls Against McDonald's

McDonald’s has improbably managed to enrage a completely new demographic: Pit bull owners! They’re not upset about “pink slime,” the fat content of Mickey D’s burgers, or even Ronald’s creepiness. The dog owners just think the chain is giving their pets a bad name in a new radio ad for Chicken McBites.

The Kansas City–based ad claims that eating Chicken McBites is “less risky” than petting a stray pit bull, shaving your head, naming your son Sue, or giving friends your Facebook password.

(We can totally see how this marketing meeting went: “Well, our food is pretty unhealthy and will probably shorten your life span, but it’s still safer than a bunch of other crazy things. We must capitalize on this! Now, which segment of society haven’t we targeted yet? Bald people?”)

Pit bull owners fired back and McDonald’s issued a prompt apology, pulling the ad. But that’s not enough for some people: “We are just asking them to promote positive pit bull imagery,” pit bull owner Rachele Lizarraga told media outlets. She’s since launched a Facebook page, Pit Bulls Against McDonald’s, though it’s not clear if she’s given her friends the password.

It’s not all bad news for the Golden Arches today, though; a Massachusetts court dismissed the claim brought by a man who found a hard object in his cheeseburger, saying that there’s no way to prove it wasn’t actually his tooth.

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Grr! Pit Bull Owners Unleash Fury on McDonald’s