Lydia Shire Could Write a Book About Her Love for Jasper White; He Thinks She’s Passionate, Borders on Insane


Stuff takes us deep into the platonic yet passionate tale of Lydia Shire and Jasper White’s long-standing culinary partnership. The duo celebrates 30 years of camaraderie, which is a virtual eternity in the restaurant world. (Their latest collab, of course, is Back Bay swankery Towne.) Through it all, despite changing tastes and trends, somehow neither has wanted to throw the other into a scalding pan of fry grease. In fact, well, they even seem to adore one another.

Shire on White: ” I would need to write a thousand-page book about my love for that man. He has truly been my best friend since the day he walked into the Biltmore Plaza in Providence looking for a job in the late ‘70s. Jasper is smart. I always go to him for advice… Over the years we have helped each other through trying times… . We love the same foods. … And we both love football so much!” Awwww. His fab sense of humor probably doesn’t hurt, either.

As for White, well, “Lydia is fiercely loyal to family and friends. … We met in 1978, when we worked together at the Biltmore Hotel in Providence, and have been like brother and sister ever since. She is the most fearless, passionate, bordering-on-insane chef that I have ever worked with. Her palate and sense of artistry are impeccable.”

Happy anniversary, guys. And have some new kids soon.

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