Finish Up the Week With Two Very Different, Yet Equally Great, Food Videos


We’re not the only ones who feel like this week is taking longer to get through than the current season of Top Chef Texas, right? It’s interminable. But as we count down the minutes until we can all finally GTFOH for the weekend, we wanted to share two really delightful food videos with everyone.

The first is an ad for some low-fat butter thing called Lurpak Lightest. And even though we could never bring ourselves to actually use the product, the vegivore-friendly video sure is pretty (apologies if you end up getting the song stuck in your head):

But that’s not all. We also have the latest entry in a video series called “This Must Be the Place,” which, according to its creators, “is a series of short films that explore the idea of home.” And in this case, home is Prime Burger in Manhattan. The video, which looks like a beer commercial from the sixties, highlights the people who have been making the burger shack run since it first opened in 1938: