Looking into MexiCali Taco & Co., Grand-Opening in Downtown Next Wednesday

MexiCali's new digs
MexiCali's new digs Photo: DarinDines

MexiCali Taco & Co., the locally-loved, Baja-bred tacodores who gained a nice-sized following while working a smoky parking lot west of Downtown in the last couple of years, have moved above-ground, setting up a stable, lawful brick-and-mortar that opened its Downtown doors last night for a soft-opening, to be followed by the grand debut a week from today, on February 15th. The unstoppable DarinDines takes a peek into MexiCali’s new digs and finds a few new menu additions and a slightly higher pricing scheme, which L.A. can, no doubt, accept if they provide MexiCali with a permanent roost.

The team’s zupermans, cachetadas, vampiros, and stacked salsa bar are in place, while new surprises include the offering of fried egg on each and every item, along with chorizo-laden nachos, Cantonese-Baja-blended peppers, and a barley horchata. Flour tortillas are also available for carne asada addicts, despite the mocking they endured at J. Gold’s pen in a column today. So far, it thankfully sounds like the same old MexiCali spirit has survived the transition, playing with a few new inspirations in a sanctuary it can finally call its own.

MexiCali Taco & Co., 702 N. Figueroa St. Downtown. 213-613-0416.

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