Now Kin Shop Is Serving Thai Fried Chicken, Too

Photo: Melissa Hom

Grub Street’s fingers are still sticky from pigging out on Pok Pok’s Asian chicken wings, and now we learn the LES shop isn’t the city’s only new source for Thai-style poultry: Kin Shop’s Harold Dieterle recently added a fried fowl to his nightly specials menu. The toque marinates his Bell & Evans birds in ginger, garlic, lemongrass, oyster sauce, and “super, super funky” Thai shrimp paste for 24 hours. They’re then dredged in rice flour and an Asian cereal and deep-fried, with herbs, fish-chili sauce, and coriander nam prik on the side.

The special is served nightly (except Mondays), and each four-piece plate goes for $24. Dieterle tells us he spent a long time tweaking his recipe, hoping to approximate the fried chicken you can buy on the street in Bangkok. And best to show up early: “It sells like crazy,” the toque said. “I don’t even have enough space in the fryer” to keep up with demand.