Hear a Dude Rap Jonathan Gold’s ‘99 Essential Restaurants’ to Jay-Z’s ‘ 99 Problems’

"Made a stink at ink. because the portions pretty teeny..."
"Made a stink at ink. because the portions pretty teeny..." Photo: Conor Knighton via YouTube

You’ve heard rappers wax about gold plenty of times, but it takes a true lyrical gift to rhyme Jitlada with Tacos Baja Ensenada while staying on the beat to Jay-Z’s “99 Problems.” But by Jorge, some local food geek has gone and done it, LAist points out. While all ears are pointed Downtown for news on Jonathan Gold’s transition from L.A. Weekly to The Los Angeles Times, a big eatin’ hip hop animal named Conor Knighton has been busy digging through the crates (and a whole lot of menus) to rap about his experiences going to each and every one of the critic’s “99 Essential Restaurants.” “Ludo to Lou to Lucques to Lukshon,” he spits with the heat of a Hollywood jungle curry, wrapping up a rapid look at L.A.’s dining landscape with humor and occasional insight into what to order. Take a look at the video to hear Knighton’s tribute to Gold.

Tribute Rap Honors Jonathan Gold: “99 Restaurants, I Been to Every One” [LAist]