Opening Night at Joanne: Tony Bennett and a Bitter Pill

Aren't all restaurants little monsters on day one?

Let’s start with the good news: A supportive Tony Bennett had a table at the opening night of Joanne last night. Touching. Not so touching is the New York Post, who snuck into the no-press dinner, and all but demolished the brand-new Joe Germonatta and Art Smith passion project, calling it "a 2 1/2-hour meal that seemed like as many days." Given that we prefer to live in a world where Art Smith can do no wrong, here’s one theory: Maybe Joanne purposely botched their first night to temper the avalanche of reservations and attention the place is getting? Okay, that’s a pretend theory, but Cuozzo’s takedown was just too harsh. It reeks of unfair reporting in the name of getting a reaction, a stench worst than the "acrid-smelling burnt vinegar" he describes. Art’s karma is way better than that … forget Gaga, just ask Oprah. [NYP]