Brave Diners Come Between Jessica Simpson and Lunch at Super-Rica Taqueria

Eating for two, but not at Super-Rica
Eating for two, but not at Super-Rica Photo: 1035 WEZL via Flickr

Santa Barbarians are a brave lot, we can tell you that. Radar reports that a pregnant Jessica Simpson showed up at the city’s super-famous Super Rica Taqueria on a recent vacation and, no surprise, encountered one of the eatery’s eternal long lines. Rather than just bail to La Colmena, as we’ve suggested, Simpson apparently headed straight to the front of the line, hoping she’d find a side of mercy with her alambre, thereby avoiding an agonizing wait in taco purgatory. Risking the gnashing of (gleaming white) teeth and bitten hands, the assembled crowd picked up their Ralph Lauren torches and went completely batshit.

According to the story, “the line went crazy and other hungry people started yelling at her…Eventually, Jess was escorted to the back of the line.” Wow, no butts, no cuts, and definitely no coconuts on Julia Child’s turf, eh?

Following this bit of celebrity justice, Simpson showed off her legendary street smarts. Enduring no further embarrassment, she took her appetite, fiance Eric Johnson, and her gestating baby to the Taco Bell on Milpas instead, where anything resembling an alambre is likely assembled through a corporate contract with Frito-Lay.

Hey Jessica Simpson… No Cutting In – Even If You’re Pregnant! [Radar]