At The Behest of In-N-Out, The Kettle Renames Its Double-Double

The Kettle's former "Double-Double"
The Kettle's former "Double-Double" Photo: The Kettle via Facebook

The Kettle has been serving burgers 24/7 to Manhattan Beach for 40 years. But it’s not slipping under the radar of In-N-Out, who will threaten to sue anyone that gets too close to its turf. Manhattan Beach Patch reports that the Bible-thumping burger chain has asked The Kettle to cease and desist in calling one of its burgers a “Double Double,” the same name as In-N-Out’s trademarked, stacked staple. How is the restaurant reacting?

Rather than get all defiant about it, The Kettle is agreeing and furthermore, an owner says she’s actually “flattered” that the big boys at In-N-Out have given them some attention. Kettle owners are wisely making the most of the challenge, holding a contest to rename the burger. Current frontrunners include The 6 Man Burger and The Highlander, both in honor of its South Bay location. You can follow the voting on Facebook this morning, while we keep our eyes peeled for In-N-Out’s next target. [Patch via LAist]