Today In Iguana Meat; McTasered

• Puerto Rico has cold-blooded plans to murder its iguanas and export their meat, since there are too many of the critters roaming the territory. Interesting plan, but who’s buying? [NYDN]

• Juicing is huge, both with Starbucks folks and all over. [NRN]

• This woman must’ve really wanted her French fries: She pulled up to the McDonald’s pick-up window and tried to order there, blocking drive-through traffic until police finally had to come tase her. [Fay Observer]

• New research shows that friends eating together mimic each other bite for bite; so if your lunch buddy is a scarfer, you might put on weight. [NYDN]

• Basically, all the fun foods (coffee, booze, chocolate, ice cream) are terrible for digestion, while boring ones like bananas are what you should eat. [ via Fox News]


Today In Iguana Meat; McTasered