The Latest in Sang Yoon Syndrome? Handsome Coffee Roasters Witholds Your Sweeteners

Handsome Coffee Roasters
Handsome Coffee Roasters Photo: Tony Chen via SinoSoul

The Hollywood Reporter clues us in to the rules and regulations set by Downtown’s new Handsome Coffee Roasters, the caffeinated collaboration from a super-group of Intelligentsia vets. These dudes know their coffee and according to the story, their superior mud comes with a caveat so nobody screws up this precious product: “No nonfat or low-fat dairy choices” and “no sweeteners.”

Rant and rave all you want, sweet teeth and dairy-fat phobes. The Handsome ones give not a shit. Co-founder Terry Wells explains, “We have a very specific niche…We’re not for everybody and we don’t want to be.” This small shot of indie one-upmanship, while seemingly a little off-putting, will no doubt appeal to the highest echelons of L.A. coffee snobs still looking to distinguish themselves from the rest of the rabble who would sully supreme beans with low-fat dairy and Splenda.

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