People Are Still Upset About Guchi’s Midnight Ramen

No soup for you!
No soup for you!

The disappointed masses have gathered on Chowhound to lament the fact that, despite oodles of publicity, nobody really knew that it would be virtually impossible to score tickets to the ramen pop-up on February 13 because so few seats were available.

Lamented one angry Hound: “My complaint is not that Guchi’s is trying to do ramen well. That’s good news. My complaint is that at this point there seems to be all flash and not much substance. Food never tastes very good when it exists only as hopes and the fawning prose of comped bloggers.” (Note: Grub Street has yet to stay up late enough to attend a Guchi pop-up, and we’ve tried to be pretty even-handed about the whole thing.)

Did you try to score a ticket? Should Guchi be more transparent about seating going forward? Maybe we simply need more late-night ramen options? Is it all David Chang’s fault? [Earlier]