Grimaldi’s and Juliana’s Pizza Prepare for Pizza Face-off in Dumbo

Juliana's (on left), vs. Grimaldi's (on right).
Juliana's (on left), vs. Grimaldi's (on right). Photo: Alyssa Shelasky

The new Grimaldi’s may be jammed packed per usual — almost as if it never even slid down half a block — but Patsy Grimaldi, who is moving into the original space with Juliana’s, is preparing for a proper takedown. Juliana’s is still boarded up, but the windows are plastered with newspaper and magazine articles about his pizza powers, and his authoritative website says, “Coming Soon The Return of Patsy & Carol Grimaldi.” Despite the aggressive marketing, a staffer tells Grub Street Patsy isn’t worried about Grimaldi’s and its tireless crowds next door: “He know he makes a better pizza, runs a better shop, and that customers will choose him. He’s not concerned at all.”