Gordon Ramsay on Lockdown; Coney Island’s Boardwalk Makeover

• While shooting a new show about cooking in prison, Gordon Ramsay’s team misplaced a vegetable peeler — which caused the Brixton Prison to be put on lockdown for two hours while people searched for the utensil, “fearing it could be used as a weapon.” [Telegraph UK]

• When the city repairs stretches of the Coney Island boardwalk, officials plan not to use wood, but to use “recycled plastic that looks like wood.” Green or not, that doesn’t really sound charming at all. [NYT]

• Profits are booming in the livestock trade, and all that money is creating a ripple effect of good fortune. [USAT]

• Potential buzz kill alert: The FDA plans to examine whether inhalable caffeine is safe. [AP]

• Restaurateurs in London are getting ready for the influx of business that this summer’s Olympics are sure to bring. [BBC]