Sky-High Gas Prices Challenge Food Trucks; Zagat Picks ‘30 Under 30’

• You’re not the only one feeling paralyzed at the pump staring at $4.39 a gallon gas prices. Food trucks operators and online grocers are being challenged by the increase, too. [CNN]

• Zagat has released a list of “30 under 30,” highlighting youthful industry players like Red Medicine chef Jordan Kahn, Golden Road brewer Jon Carpenter, and Petrossian’s Giselle Wellman. [Market Watch]

• Food truck operators are finding higher profits at weddings and other high-end catering gigs, as opposed to making their scratch on the street. [North County Public Radio]

• Italy’s latest wine region is literally red-hot: The area surrounding Sicily’s Mount Etna volcano. [NYT]

• Keep downing those fish pills, as new studies reveal that higher omega-3 fatty acid levels might result in a bigger brain. [WSJ]

• Life for people with food allergies is getting easier and easier, thanks to increased awareness. Meanwhile, life for everyone else is getting harder: no peanuts? [WSJ]

• Snacking has become a breakfast-time pursuit, or so food manufacturers would have you think. [WP]

• Restaurant chains like Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse are refocusing their energy on beverages. Cocktail-culture trickle down? [NRN]