Watch a Song Parody Tribute to Eating in The SGV

The Fung Brothers, repping the 626
The Fung Brothers, repping the 626 Photo: The Fung Brothers via YouTube

SinoSoul draws our attention to a new video called “626” by The Fung Brothers and Jason Chen, who just dropped a new song parody praising all things SGV (dedicated to Jeremy Lin, of course). Starting with two old codgers admiring the piano lessons of a four-year-old granddaughter, the beat, ripped from Wiz Kalifa’s “Young, Wild, and Free,” launches these satirists into a celebration of such SGV staples as Valley Blvd., Fluff Ice, Sriracha, and Din Tai Fung. A sample lyric from this proud anthem? “Tell the health department to stop hatin’/ ‘Cuz a B Rating just stands for better tastin’.” Nice wordplay, and hell yeah, you better believe the Brothers Fung flow better than that honky from the Whole Foods parking lot video. Check it out!

Big Ups to the Fung Bros for “626″ Video [SInoSoul]