Forget Novel Writing, Go For Cereal Boxes; The Small-Bone Twist

• Did you know the cereal box is one of the most widely read mediums? Evidently it is, and it’s about to get more fun with digital technology like augmented reality. (See Spielberg’s Minority Report for more details.) [USAT]

• Here are a couple of different chicken-wing-eating techniques you might want to try at this Sunday’s Super Bowl parties, including one-handed, and the “small-bone twist.” Might as well practice now! [HuffPo]

• The Smithsonian recently received a donation of 4,500 menus, collected by agoraphobe Virginia Mericle, who never left the house but had the bills of fare mailed to her over the years. [Atlantic]

• If you want to jump aboard the barrel-aged-cocktail bandwagon without paying $13 a drink, Tuthilltown sells a DIY kit for ten bucks. [SE]

• It’s not just Starbucks — a number of coffee brands are rolling out blond roasts for folks who don’t like the sometimes burned taste of a darker bean. [WSJ]