Plan Check Chef Ernesto Uchimura: Condiment Innovator

Uchimura Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Eating L.A. offers a report from the opening of Plan Check, revealing a new invention in the world of ketchup. Among the chef’s pig candy burgers and boneless fried chicken that we showed you last week, Ernesto Uchimura has developed something called ketchup leather, described by Pat Saperstein as a “solidified sheet of ketchup that locks the tomato flavor in place.” The Umami founding executive chef implements his new invention on the bottom of the burger to deliver ketchup’s familiar taste without the fear of his buns getting all droopy. Further proof that you can take the chef out of the innovative burger restaurant, but you can’t take the innovation burgers away from the chef…or something like that. [Eating L.A.]