Eos Closing After Fifteen Years in Cole Valley, Getting Replaced By Papazote [Updated]

Not long for this world...
Not long for this world... Photo: psd/Flickr

After a decade and a half evolving through dining trends and serving as a cornerstone neighborhood eatery for Cole Valley, Eos (901 Cole Street at Carl) is set to shutter at the end of the month. SFoodie breaks the news, with confirmation from executive chef Christopher Long, who attributes the closure to the owner’s cash-flow troubles. Asian-fusion small plates may not be the hippest thing anymore, but the kitchen has been turning out crowd-pleasing dishes long enough to outlast most restaurants. It will surely be missed by the ‘hood, but that is some prime real estate right there. It’s likely to get snapped up fast. Update: It already has…

Tablehopper reports that the Mamacita/Tipsy Pig/Blue Barn crew (Nate Valentine, Sam Josi, and Stryker Scales) have snapped up the space and plan to open a more “refined” version of Mamacita there called Papazote. (The name is basically the male equivalent of “mamacita,” and something one would shout at a good-looking guy.) So, think semi-upscale Mexican, with a cocktail-bar component, although they may be forced to open just as a wine bar at first given the potential for liquor license trauma. They’re aiming for a mid-summer opening.

The last night of service at Eos will be February 15.

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