Taco Bell Will Unleash Their Doritos Tacos on America Next Month

Yum? Photo: Courtesy of Taco Bell

Everyone who follows such things probably already knew that Taco Bell’s latest gimmick (besides trying to get everyone to call breakfast “first meal”) was a taco that came in an oversize Doritos shell. It’s either an abomination or a stroke of genius, depending on how you look at it, but whatever your opinion, you should know that it will be available to stoners around the country when the chain begins selling it nationwide on March 8.

What’s that, you say? You don’t want to eat a taco in a giant nacho chip? Okay, no problem: The chain is also testing its Cantina Bell menu, which is a “fresher” take on food, with a menu approved by America’s Next Great Restaurant judge Lorena Garcia (See that menu here). So, Doritos tacos, fresh salads — whatever you want! Taco Bell just wishes you would all please stop going to Chipotle so often!

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