District 13 Hates Valentine’s Day So Much, Lovers Pay More

Hates to love and loves to hate
Hates to love and loves to hate Photo: District 13

As we know by now, a lot of restaurants pretend to detest Valentine’s Day just to boost business. But Hollywood’s District 13 is putting your money where its hate is tomorrow, charging anyone who wears red to the restaurant an extra 10% on their check price. Furthermore, the restaurant promises “no love songs, no romantic movies playing on the flat screens, no romantic pre fix menus, no rosesn or hearts.” Burgers made 50% out of bacon? That’s a different story. The gastro-pub will also throw an extra sausage your way for free when you buy one with a beer through the night, ensuring that even Cupid’s most resistant foes can still get a hearty dose of some wiener action by the holiday’s climax.