Yuppie Pizza Parlors and Organic Grocery Stores Continue to Annoy Crown Heights Residents

Crown Inn
Crown Inn Photo: Linnea Covington

Last week, the Hasidic population was irritated by Crown Heights’ inescapable gentrification. Today, it’s basically all of the neighborhood’s old-timers who are put out, according to a story in the Times. But one 62-year-old resident wants to make it clear that “there’s not a hostility” between the neighborhood stalwarts and all the new residents, there’s just “a social cohesion gap right now.” But will it get better? We’d love to say yes, but the evidence indicates no. While the “influx of mostly white artists, young professionals, families and entrepreneurs” are hanging out at Barboncino or Crown Inn, the average rent for a one-bedroom increased 36 percent last year, meaning some longtime residents might find themselves priced out of the neighborhood they’ve always called home. [NYT]

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