Eat Bizarre, Wild, Unknown and Mysterious Foods at Craigie on Main

Tony Maws, plotting.
Tony Maws, plotting.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Craigie on Main announces that they’ll host their nutso annual Road Less Traveled dinner on March 13, showcasing the weirdest foods you’ve ever tasted. At last year’s feast, we enjoyed a wide-eyed pig-face taco laced with hot sauce, and we still have dreams about it (and medical bills from it). What can you expect? Craziness. Deliciousness.

You’ll graze on oddities like cock’s combs, pig ears, cod milt, duck testicles, Tonka beans, fish tails, duck tongues, and monkfish liver. You won’t recognize anything on your table except the silverware. You will indulge, and you will enjoy. We promise. So does Craigie; disappointed diners can order a plate of octopus on the house. (Just what you crave after a plate of duck tongues, right?) You’ll wash it all back with a Weirdo Wine Pairing, Crazy Cocktails or Bizarro Beers. Five courses are $95; extra for those wacky wines.

Intrepid diners, reserve promptly; seats go fast. Note: We do not recommend this for a first date. Or, on second thought, maybe we do. Duck testicles are a known ice-breaker.