Nothing Ruins a Good Pu-Pu Platter Like a Communal Bathroom

Photo: istockphoto

The Herald introduces us to Alexander and Julie Szeto, restaurateurs who are also accused slumlords. The duo lives Candy Spelling-style in Southborough (just go with it), in a “17-room, 9,465-square-foot mansion on five acres of land with a fountain, lawn sculptures and a separate entrance to the house marked Service and Delivery.” In addition to Chinese restaurants in Leominster and Framingham, they also own a vile rooming house in Chinatown that boasts luxuries like “common toilets, showers and stoves” in a “ramshackle” building on the verge of collapse. City Council President Stephen J. Murphy wants them to “live in their own hellhole” for 60 days. Wasn’t that an episode of The Golden Girls? [Herald]