Elizabeth Falkner Decamps to New York

Chef Falkner will be missed.
Chef Falkner will be missed. Photo: Courtesy of Elizabeth Falkner

She intimated she might back in the fall, and now celebrity chef Elizabeth Falkner is moving, leaving behind San Francisco — even if she may have left her heart here. Long a fixture on the San Francisco food scene having garnered a ton of press attention in the last decade for her modern patisserie-restaurant Citizen Cake, Falkner shuttered her two businesses, including SoMa’s Orson, as of late 2011. Details are scarce, and efforts by Grub Street to get anything further have been met with silence so far, but we do know the Next Iron Chef finalist is in the process of relocating to New York.* We also know she’s been focusing on a cookbook project lately, but we’re still guessing that she’ll be popping up in a kitchen before long, so stay tuned. [Grub Street, Earlier]

*This post has been corrected to show that Chef Falkner is in the process of moving, and her move is not yet quite complete.