Watch a Flash Mob Spontaneously Act Out Bukowski Poems at Barney’s Beanery

Shakespeare never did this
Shakespeare never did this Photo: Unbound Productions via YouTube

Charles Bukowski could hold his liquor; we’re pretty damn sure of that. Less certain is whether a performance of his poetry at Barney’s Beanery last Thursday would have made ol’ Hank puke or perk up. Last week, as part of West Hollywood’s Pacific Standard Time art series, Unbound Productions initiated a flash mob at the 92-year-old bar that saw six actor-y types spontaneously erupting into the writer’s flop house verses to the sound of a bass and harmonica, reprising classics such as “Cockroach,” “Alone with Everyone,” and “I have shit stains in my underwear too.” Um, you all still going to finish those burgers?

Bukowski, as well as a long list of other artists, supposedly frequented the bar back in his day (possibly the same era when the bar notoriously touted homophobic policies), but was no fan of Hollywood industry savagery or fakery, preferring to coop up in significantly grittier East Hollywood. Since the boozy bard’s feelings on overly orated readings and sentimentalist re-creations are possibly extinct issues in 2012, feel free to enjoy this video of Barney’s Beanery’s Bukowski-themed flash mob without fear of getting decked.