Even The Academy Awards’ Governor’s Ball Dinner is Going Fast-Casual This Year

Puck with an edible Oscar
Puck with an edible Oscar Photo: Greg in Hollywood via Flickr

In 2010, The Academy Awards changed the structure of its Oscars night to include a greater number of “Best Picture” nominees. This year, the traditional post-Awards show dinner, at the Governor’s Ball, is the one that will experience dramatic change by adding a number of new dishes to the program. Still to be served by Wolfgang Puck’s catering arm, Biz Bash reports that the entire dining format is switching from a long (and no doubt a little dull) sit-down dinner that tethers actors and producers to their seats, to a more nomadic, mingling party that will be satisfied through a procession of 50-plus passed apps, along with two buffets serviced by Puck’s crew. And the winner is…?

Surely, this has to be a huge relief to anyone who has to sit at the table with that droning head of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, who probably sucked the soul out of the awards show already with one of those typically wooden speeches they place right in the middle of the action. Better yet, this could also be a big boon to all of us at home. Naturally, wandering stars aided by a little liquor potentially pack the night with more clashes between actor egos, star-on-star canoodling in the corner, and those who simply drink too much, fall down, or smack into a wall. Let the party begin!

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