Getting to the Bottom of Hilarious Hip-Hop-Themed Eatery Bon Rappetite

A little Roastface Killah for you?
A little Roastface Killah for you? Photo: Courtesy Bon Rappetite

Yesterday Eddie “OG” Huang tweeted a link to the website of a curious restaurant, Bon Rappetite, where every menu item is a tribute to a hip-hop star. You could start with an order of Lil Kimchi and Wu-Tang Clams, move onto Snoop Doggy Corn Dogs, Ludacrispy Chicken Salad, and Roastface Killah, then finish with some Old Dirty Custard and Creme Puff Daddies. Hilarious, right? But it smelled a little too outrageous to be real, particularly when the restaurant’s ostensible phone number proved not in use.

An e-mail confirmed that Bon Rappetite, sadly, is a hoax: “A fun joke that has gone out of control!” wrote Everett Steele of Atlanta-based interactive media agency Baby Robot. “A few of us from Baby Robot built the site on a lark after leaving a (beer soaked) meeting with a bar napkin full of rap puns. It sat dormant for almost a year, then all of the sudden it is all over the place. Who knows, maybe Ludacris will come along and invest some of these … “

So there you have it: not real, but maybe it should be. Flavor Flav, you listening?

Bon Rappetite [Official Site]