Some Jerk Pulls an Equus on Bollywood Cafe’s Animal Wallpaper

Blinded by ball-point
Blinded by ball-pointPhoto: Mark Frauenfelder via Boing Boing

The owners of Studio City’s nine-year-old Bollywood Cafe went the extra mile in trying to make their men’s room look better than the general bio-hazardous disaster scene one encounters around town. The restroom contains friendly, fuzzy wallpaper depicting animals poking their heads from the African veldt and bush to protect your back while you’re meeting a man about a horse. Sadly, BoingBoing reports that some psychopath decided to poke out each and every eyeball on the animals’ faces, like a cartoonier version of Equus. The empty sockets have been hastily colored in with ball-point pen, possibly from an owner or the schizo vandal himself, retaliating against his dark impulses. Really though, where’s PETA when you truly need it? [Boing Boing]