Blame Your Salt Intake on Bread; the City’s Best Dollar Slice

• Genetically engineered crops had a banner year in 2011, though people are a bit iffy on GM salmon. [USAT]

• A South African fried-chicken chain that’s “a mix of Portuguese and African-style spicy chicken” is expanding rapidly worldwide. Yes, please! [NYDN]

• Percy’s on Bleecker Street has the best dollar slice in the city, according to the Post. Fightin’ words. [NYP]

• Bread is the number one source of salt in the American diet. Who knew? [Healthland/Time]

• Mindful eating is about “savoring every bite,” and is considered a form of meditation through food. It’s also one of the tips in French Women Don’t Get Fat, so expect a bonus in that regard. [NYT]

• Red Egg is officially the hot spot for Fashion Week. But then, you probably won’t get in. [NYDN]