Beer Belly Starts New Order Mondays and Hoppy Hour

Duck fat fries, part of the restaurant's "hoppy meal"
Duck fat fries, part of the restaurant's "hoppy meal" Photo: Beer Belly

Stuck on an eighties-music obsession, Beer Belly is starting “New Order Mondays” next week on February 6th. Every Monday, chef Wesley Lieberher will introduce a new dish, to be served for just one night, and announcing the recipe on Facebook and Twitter beforehand. Lieberher readies us for burgers, new takes on his grilled cheese, and chili to start, while the restaurant plans to play music from The Crappy Synthesizer Me Decade, in addition to starting a new happy hour every day until 7:00 P.M., featuring 50-cent Jidori chicken wings, four-dollar duck fat fries, and all beers priced at one dollar off. Or you can head straight for the bar’s “hoppy meal,” which combines both dishes and a beer for $15.