Might Barbara Lynch Get a New Neighbor Called Smithfield Kitchen?

Photo: Getty Images

And what could it be? Rumors swirl that a restaurant might occupy the upper floor 550 Tremont Street, home to her ground-level B&G; Oysters. The name: Smithfield Kitchen. But is it a wine shop? A straight-up restaurant? A tiki bar? A ham haven with specialties from Paula Deen? What??

BRT has it that MC Slim JB first floated the news of a “fine wine & spirits shop” years ago, but nothing came of it ‘til now. However, it now seems that Smithfield Kitchen has applied for a business license at the space. Per EveryBlock Boston, the application is for a restaurant.

Intriguing! Will Barbara Lynch really share her South End space with another eatery? And, really, does Paula Deen have anything to do with this? She is affiliated with Smithfield Ham, after all.

Smithfield Kitchen Is Apparently Coming to Boston’s South End [BRT]