Actually Pretty Awesome: The Suckling Pig Sandwich at Sweet Woodruff

A mighty fine pork sandwich.
A mighty fine pork sandwich. Photo: Jay Barmann/Grub Street

It’s lunchtime! So allow us to suggest a great midday option should you find yourself in the Union Square/TenderNob environs: the suckling pig sandwich at new Sons & Daughters takeout spot, Sweet Woodruff (798 Sutter at Jones). It’s as fine a pork sandwich as you’re going to find, with the added bonus of homemade ciabatta, homemade pickles, a bright and tangy salsa verde, and a perfectly spiced aioli made with the legendarily deadly ghost pepper.

It’s a sandwich that strikes that sweet balance between meat, fat, spice, bread, and green-acid flavors, and always comes with a couple of expertly seasoned, house-made pickled baby carrots.

We previously mentioned their pheasant “hot pocket” and little gem salad as winners, but you should also note that they’ve extended their hours to 8 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, so you can drop by for any of the above or their daily changing $13.50 dinner special — which may be one of the better deals in town, given the quality of ingredients and the combined talents in the kitchen.

Sweet Woodruff - 798 Sutter Street at Jones - 415.292.9090 - @SweetWoodruff - Open Tuesday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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Actually Pretty Awesome: The Suckling Pig Sandwich at Sweet Woodruff