Now We Have to Hear About the Movies Anthony Bourdain Hates, Too?

Bourdain, no doubt during one of the films.
Bourdain, no doubt during one of the films. Photo: Eric Ripert

Anthony Bourdain is obviously a man who rarely holds his tongue when he has a distaste for something, and it’s usually fun to hear him spew his bile. But over on the Times’ carpetbagger blog he’s speaking out against Midnight in Paris and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (again): About the former, he opines, “It’s everything bad about Woody Allen” (so it’s a movie about marrying Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter?), and he says he “beyond loathed” the latter movie. We won’t defend either film’s merits, but do you think Bourdain has ever just sort of not liked something? Or even been nonplussed? Now that would be a story. [Carpetbagger/NYT]