Another Cleanse for Foodies and Those Who Have a Life

Borecole salad: mixed kale, radish, bell pepper, spiced almonds, olives, citranette.

Even Padma (not to mention Bon Appétit) agrees that obsessive eaters have to do something to stave off gout. "Cleansing" comes in pretty handy here — the trouble is, it can be tough to block out several nights in a row to sit around drinking collard nectar and munching on Portobello wraps. Well, Gingersnaps Organic, a newish raw, organic shop in the East Village has introduced a daytime-only "Have a Life" raw-food cleanse. A three-day program starts at $108, and you get a chia-seed pudding, a green juice, and a salad delivered for each day, which lets you get back to fried sardine skeletons and dessert tasting menus each night.

Gingersnaps Organic
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