Another Cleanse for Foodies and Those Who Have a Life

Borecole salad: mixed kale, radish, bell pepper, spiced almonds, olives, citranette. Photo: Courtesy Gingersnaps Organic

Even Padma (not to mention Bon Appétit) agrees that obsessive eaters have to do something to stave off gout. "Cleansing" comes in pretty handy here — the trouble is, it can be tough to block out several nights in a row to sit around drinking collard nectar and munching on Portobello wraps. Well, Gingersnaps Organic, a newish raw, organic shop in the East Village has introduced a daytime-only "Have a Life" raw-food cleanse. A three-day program starts at $108, and you get a chia-seed pudding, a green juice, and a salad delivered for each day, which lets you get back to fried sardine skeletons and dessert tasting menus each night.

Gingersnaps Organic
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