Anderson Cooper Has a Tense Brunch; Philip Glass Turns 75


While Demi is in rehab, Rihanna goes blonde, and Madonna rehearses for the big, sexy halftime show, New York had a couple lovely, if unscandalous, celebrity sightings this week. The dapper Anderson Cooper brunched, the bald Howie Mandel dined, and everybody’s favorite classical music guru, Philip Glass, celebrated his birthday. This, and more celebrity sightings, straight ahead.

ACME: Zachary Quinto enjoyed a Friday evening dinner at ACME last week, and was therefore not shooting the new Star Trek movie. But really, this flick is never going to get made if he keeps putting his personal life first. [Grub Street]
Catch: Germaphobe and potential Regis replacement Howie Mandel went out to eat the night before his Live with Kelly! guest appearance. In a surprising twist, Ms. Ripa was already at the restaurant and the two unknowingly dined with their backs to each other until a waiter let them in on the situation. [Page Six/NYP]
La Lanterna di Vittorio: Anderson Cooper had brunch with Benjamin Maisani, and supposedly things looked pretty tense between them; Cooper spent most of the time on his Blackberry. But c’mon, give the guy a break, BBMing is super addictive. [Page Six/NYP]
Le Poisson Rouge: Philip Glass celebrated his 75th birthday this past week. Guests Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed, Paul Simon, Tom Waits, Martin Scorsese, Richard Serra, Ravi Shankar, Patti Smith, Michael Stipe, Errol Morris, and the Met Opera’s Peter Gelb all stopped by. [Page Six/NYP]
Rao’s: Drew Barrymore ate with her new fiancé Will Kopelman, and was supposedly seated ahead of John Turturro and Francis Ford Coppola, who were already waiting in line for a table, proving once again that Drew Barrymore is adored over every other celebrity, even the guy who made The Godfather.[Page Six/NYP]
Work In Progress: Debbie Harry purchased a nine-foot painting of a devil-horned baby evolving into a businessman by Walter Steding from the nightclub because, well, that’s exactly what Debbie Harry would hang on the walls of her apartment. [Page Six/NYP]