The Andaz Sounds Pretty Pissed About Local 11’s Morimoto Video

Activists are fighting Hyatt on multiple fronts these days
Activists are fighting Hyatt on multiple fronts these days Photo: JMR Photography via Flickr

It’s a fight! We want in! Following Unite Here and Local Union 11’s slick video that welcomed chef Masaharu Morimoto to L.A. this week, while also waving The Iron One away from opening at The Hyatt-operated Andaz West Hollywood, the hotel’s general manager, Philip Dailey, has fired back with a formal statement deriding the union’s stance. Unite Here clearly burst the Morimoto bubble before it could even lift off the ground, but the hotel stresses that its actions are only harming the very people it claims to be protecting. What does Dailey say?

The general manager’s official statement is as follows:

We continue to be disappointed that Local 11’s leadership has chosen to take actions that harm our associates, our city and our industry today and into the future. Unite Here’s boycotts and protests take money from the very people union leaders say they represent, and Local 11’s new campaign targeting Chef Morimoto harms their own members who work at Andaz West Hollywood. Unite Here continues to exploit its own members in order to further its national organizing agenda in non-union hotels. Hyatt has offered the same wage and benefits package as the one that union leaders accepted at other Los Angeles hotels. Union leadership has refused to accept these same terms from Hyatt, and our employees are suffering and getting stuck in the middle.

Yup, it’s the age-old “your actions are only hurting yourself” speech employed by junior high principals everywhere. Is this also going on Unite Here’s permanent record?

It sure sounds like Unite Here, which has an entire “Hyatt Hurts” website detailing its beef with what it calls “the worst employer in the hotel industry,” and is also taking sides in a discrimination battle that involves LGBT activists in Chicago, has sufficiently pissed off the property. Famous for its endurance as a heavy metal hang of yore, could it be that The Andaz actually has a stronger stomach for Motley Crue-style debauchery than it does for waving placards, chanting protestors, and Venice’s “Dollhouse Dude?” Stay tuned.

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The Andaz Sounds Pretty Pissed About Local 11’s Morimoto Video