Acme Markets to Cut 800 More Jobs; Say Hello to South African Fried Chicken

• In effort to cut costs Supervalu, the corporate parent of Acme Markets plans to cut 800 more jobs, and that’s after it put as many as 900 on the unemployment line last April. [Inquirer]

• A Proposed “Super Wawa” has Cherry Hill residents "Super PO’d." [NBC 10]

• Genetically engineered crops had a banner year in 2011, though people are a bit iffy on GM salmon. [USAT]

• A South African fried chicken chain that’s "a mix of Portuguese and African-style spicy chicken" is expanding rapidly worldwide. Yes, please! [NYDN]

• Bread is the No. 1 source of salt in the American diet. Who knew? [Healthland/Time]

• Mindful eating is about "savoring every bite," and is considered a form of meditation through food. It’s also one of the tips in French Women Don’t Get Fat, so expect a bonus in that regard. [NYT]