A-Rod on C-Rations; Raw Milk Takes a Hit In Study

• Alex Rodriguez reportedly follows a special high-protein diet that has him bringing his own food to restaurants. We bet chefs just loooove him. [Off the Bench/NBC Sports]

• Though many people so believe in raw milk’s health benefits that they’ll flout state laws to drink it, the unpasteurized product causes illness at a rate thirteen times higher than its pasteurized counterpart. [Your Life/USAT]

• Still or sparkling? Chatty or hands-off? Waiters all over are increasingly trained to read body language and provide the style of service they think a table would prefer. [WSJ]

• Maple syrup producers are concerned that the mild winter in the Northeast may affect their flow. [AP via HuffPo]

• Here’s new evidence that using antibiotics in raising meat increases the risk of antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” in humans. [Salt/NPR]