Even Ed Lee Hates Those Pink Plastic Bags; Iguana for Dinner?

• Mayor Ed Lee is backing the stricter plastic-bag ban, which would impose a ten-cent fee for bags given out in stores, and likely ban those ubiquitous pink ones all over Chinatown. [Chron]

• Remember the Chron food department’s 49 Square Miles project? They’re still at it! And they’re only on Square 19, the intersection of SoMa and the Mission, where Rainbow Grocery is the iconic establishment. [Chron]

• Regarding the “straightforward, French dip-style behemoths” served at Prime Dip (518 Larkin Street). [SFoodie]

• Puerto Rico has cold-blooded plans to murder its iguanas and export their meat, since there are too many of the critters roaming the country. Interesting plan, but who’s buying? [NYDN]

• Juicing is huge, both with Starbucks folks and all over. [NRN]

• New research shows that friends eating together mimic each other bite for bite; so if your lunch buddy is a scarfer, you might put on weight. [NYDN]

• Basically, all the fun foods (coffee, booze, chocolate, ice cream) are terrible for digestion, while boring ones like bananas are what you should eat. [Health.com via Fox News]

• This woman must’ve really wanted her French fries: She pulled up to the McDonald’s pick-up window and tried to order there, blocking drive-through traffic until police finally had to come tase her. [Fay Observer]