7-Eleven Plans to Take Over Basically Every Deli in New York

Kind of blue.
Kind of blue. Photo: Angry Julie Monday via Flickr

Until recently, 7-Eleven was only known within the confines of Manhattan for its annual Free Slurpee Day, even if New Yorkers were left to wonder where, exactly, they could go to get their free Slurpee. But now the chain is expanding like crazy in New York, and it has no plans to stop until the city is blanketed with taquitos. According to Crain’s, we can expect the opening of “20 locations — ranging in size from 1,500 square feet to 3,000 square feet — every year until 2017.” The chain is even focused on “working with existing bodega owners to persuade them to transform their businesses into 7-Elevens.” [Crain’s]