Ten Huge New York Restaurants That Almost Happened

Andy Warhol's Andy-Mat: "The restaurant for the lonely person."

Opening a restaurant in New York City ranks right up there among the world’s most difficult jobs: You have to deal with endless streams of red tape, near-constant cash-flow problems, contractors, critics, egos, and a city full of very fickle diners. New York might have 24,000 restaurants, but plenty of ideas go bust long before the front doors open. The grander the scale of the project, the more fun it is to speculate about what could have been. In that spirit, we’ve put together a list of ten projects that, had they opened, would have changed New York’s culinary landscape — some for the better, some for the worse (unless you’re a fan of huge theme restaurants in Times Square). Here are ten of the biggest projects, in terms of scale, scope, or ambition, that came thisclose to happening in NYC.